What is this place?

It's the next google. Unfortunately, it's not. Rather, quarterbooty.com is the simple website of an otherwise intriguing individual, Nick Sutherland. Does the content here suck? As far as you're concerned, it probably does. It's nothing more than pictures of my family and my projects, and it's a frontend to my email server and music collection. The former you likely don't care about, and the latter you don't have access to (unless you ask).

What are others saying?

I visit this site at least four times a day.

N. Sutherland

Everything I need is right here at quarterbooty.com.


This is going to big someday.

Nick S.

What's in it for you?

Probably not much if you aren't married or somehow related to me already. Nevertheless, feel free to look around; maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. If you happen to have a nuclear piping system or component that you need analyzed, I can do that, too.