Recent Project Highlights

When you have broad interests, the projects
do appear to be quite random.

  • Automotive
  • Cycles
  • Computing

1972 Monte Carlo

My first project car. It has gone through numerous drivetrains and changes in close to twenty years of ownership. An LS7, LGT700, and DSE suspension underpin the latest iteration.

Pre-War Whizzer

Early 1940s Cleveland Road Master with a Whizzer 300 retrofit. This was my dad's bike as a kid, and he and his father added the Whizzer components. It sat in storage for over sixty years and was a complete basket case. It now runs and rides with all the original patina.

1976 C10

Orginally a Montana truck with thirty-four thousand actual miles, it is now a fair-weather driver. This one will stay close to original.

Wireless Interface for ECU

Raspberry Pi based device used to encapsulate USB communications in a TCP payload. This enables wireless connectivity to aftermarket engine control units that do not have native functionality.

Other Topics

A number of other areas of interest factor into projects here and are all interrelated at some level. Additional content will be published at a future time.

  • Networking

  • Fabrication

  • Fitness

  • Music


Send me a message if you are interested in anything that you see here; I'd be happy to share more details.